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  Anael’s works reflects rhythm and plastic recreation of her own fantasies. The young artist uses a synthesis of beauty and spiritual vibration of light that makes her work eclectic. Her philosophy declares that all things we create are always tolerate in the material world, that's why she creates things which bring harmony and clear energy in our world. Her paintings refresh and positively influence . Young artist provides her works with her own special meaning.

     Anael participated in a lot of exhibitions, charity and art events, Festivals and Symposiums. Had an honour to represent Ukraine on international festivals In Azerbaijan India and China. Organized personal exhibitions and own art master classes. Her works are present in different countries in private and museum collections such as, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Korea, Latvia, Portugal, Spain,  France, USA and Ukraine. 

      Anael is not only an artist but also a pianist, singer and actress. Her artist biography includes classical music concerts, theatrical performances, own songs and compositions. Anael’s oeuvre is characterized by a particular style, as she has a gift to feel and embody the unique moments of life full of charm and beauty.

       "Art is all around, beauty is everywhere", I hope that my works will awaken a sense of beauty and make the world around us more vivid and sensual. I believe that visual contact with my works will inspire for creativity and of course, “lets paint the world together”!


2024 Group Exhibition  , Gallery Blue Bird march - april,  Petach Tikva, Israel 

2023 "Exhibition" 3 days artist collective at the IMPREINT Space. August London

2022 Charity Exhibition "Israel Art" in Bank Hapoalim ,  23-27 December, Tel Aviv Israel

2022 Exhibition " talk to me on the language of Flowers" Gallery "Near Lake", Raanana, Israel

2022 Exhibition Summer Salon, Gallery Blue Bird . july-august Petach Tikva, Israel 

2022 74 years of Independence of Israel, april- june Gallery Blue Bird . Petach Tikva, Israel 

2022 “Visions of the Divine Comedy”, February at the Modern Art Research Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts , Kiev  February 2022 - As progect Dada Monada

2021 Art Shopping Paris, Salon International D'art Contemporian,  à Paris, Carrousel de Louvre le 22 au 24 octobre 2021

2021 À L’exposition en ligne Action des femmes La beauté du printemps, à Paris le 23 mars 2021

2019  The 70th Anniversary of the Foundidn of the People’s Rebupblic of China

“ OneBelt and OneRoad - International Art Exhibition ,Dong Jining Art Museum, Xianning, Hubei, China

18 - 28/08

2019- Okiagari Koboshi project, Kyoto ,Japan 

2019 - "Days of Jewish Culture" Irpen, Ukraine, January

2019 - Charity workshop for ICF Jewish Hesed Bnei Azriel, Kiev Ukraine january

2018 - Art Exhibition Rosh HaShana  - Modern Jewish Hub, Kiev, Ukraine   3-24/09

2018 - Art Exhibition dedicated to 70 years anniversary of Israel  - Museum-workshop I.P. Kavaleridze, Kiev, Ukraine   6-12/05

2018 - Modern Doll, International Exhibition Center- Kiev 13-15/04

2018 - "Pysanka" VIII Ukrainian Art Fest , Folk Ukraine, Kiev  5-22/04/2018

2017 – «Art- Promenada» Collective Exhibition. Promenada center. Kiev

2017 - L’atelier – Personal exposition in art-loft space, Kiev

2017 - VII Ukrainian Festival of Easter Eggs, Folk Ukraine, Kiev 

2016 - «What if fest #3» Festival of Conceptual art, art gallery “Lavra”, Kiev

2016 – «Upward Movements» Exhibition in Kiev City State Administration

2016 - L’atelier – Personal exposition in art-loft space, Kiev

2016 - VI Ukrainian Festival of Easter Eggs, Folk Ukraine, Kiev 

2016  - "Art-Reviviscene" - Paintings of ukrainian masters. Ukrainian House, Kiev

2016 - "Olympia Fine Art Symposium and Festival "Green EartH"" - Guwahati, India 

2015 – « France in my heart» - Ukrainian festival, House of book, Kiev

2015 - «The Velvet» - Jazz Event, Concert-Hall "Metropol", Kiev

2014-2015 - Christmas Salon "Paintings of Ukrainian masters" in theather "Susirya" and Kiev youth theater, Kiev

2014 - Participation in the the exhibition "Summer, sea and holiday" in the Art Gallery "Arch", Kyiv

2014- personal exposition " Reflection colors of the soul", Art-space " Sugar pocket", Kiev, Ukraine

2014 - Charity Event " The world, I can hear you", Kiev, Ukraine

2013 - II International exhibition "From Waste to Art" Qala, Azebaijan 

​2012 - Exhibition " Summer Memories" , Museum-workshop I.P. Kavaleridze, Kiev, Ukraine

2012 – Personal Exhibition, Noncafe Besednizza, Kiev
2012 – Solo exhibition “ Flying without words”, Museum-workshop I.P. Kavaleridze, Kiev, Ukraine
2012 - III International Festival of  Arts “Maiden Tower”, Baku
2011 - Exhibition of Art School of National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Central House of Artists, Kiev, Ukraine
2011 - Exhibition, Integral Bank, Kiev, Ukraine
2011 - II International Festival of the Arts “Maiden Tower”, Baku
2010 - Mystetskyi Arsenal  «Israel Days in Ukraine», Kiev, Ukraine
2009 - Gallery SoviArt, Kiev, Ukraine

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